Other Shields

There are a number of other shields that are not yet integrated into the workshop documentation but may be encountered.


While it is possible to plug shields in to the device while it is powered (plugged in to your computer), it is not recommended! As such, please remember to unplug the USB from your board prior to connecting or disconnecting any shields, or else you risk damaging the shield or the board.

Ambient Light

The Ambient Light Sensor Shield uses a BH1750 chip to detect the amount of ambient light present. It uses I2C to communicate with the microcontroller.

IR controller

The IR Controller has four infrared emitters and a receiver to allow bi-directional infrared communications. Two GPIO pins are used to send and receive data.

Temperature Sensor (SHT30)

There are a number of temperature sensors but one of the more common models in the Wemos form factor is the SHT30 Shield. Named after the SHT30 temperature and humidity sensor it uses I2C to communicate with the microcontroller.